The Perfect Skiday!

Also this fall we have thought about a few news for you.

The Perfect Skiday is an attraction where the focus is on the "White Ring".

In this course the places Lech, Oberlech, Zug and Zürs are skied, that is 22 route kilometers 5500 meters of altitude and 6 lifts.

The sensation of this ski route are the two viewing platforms at Rüfikopf and Madloch, the view there is breathtakingly beautiful, the right place to switch off and enjoy nature. 

Behind this tour is much more namely back in 1940 Sepp Bildstein built the first lift : The birth of the White Ring. The lift quickly became famous and people came from all over to try it out for themselves.

Because of this excellent idea, the honorary plaque on the Schlegelkopf was created. If you want to learn more about this incredible achievement, make a short stop there.